To demonstrate the technological advances in the sector, the innovations of sailing transport companies will be presented in real-life conditions.

  • At sea, in the basin adjacent to l'Alvéole 12, boats will be moored at the pontoon : : Grain de Sail, Iliens, Seawitlab, Skravik, Terre Exotique
  • Inside l'Alvéole 12, companies will present their innovations, depending on the current stage of technology. The event partners (networks, clusters, support structures and partners from the Nantes & Saint-Nazaire region) also have a stand to meet and greet with visitors.

Add Technologies

Inside Alveole 12

ADD Technologies is a company created in 2018 and based in Brittany to commercialize an innovative technology in wind propulsion that opens new fields of application for the maritime industry. Simple and efficient, this proven wingsail system makes it possible to use wind energy to decarbonize existing or future fleets.Three applications are currently in service: in fishing, Oceania (AY), in Hugo Lauras' Mini 650 (transatlantic in September 2021) and in industrialization of a sea-scale wingsail with the sailmaker Allard (Lorient).

Seawing on Airbus


Inside Alveole 12

Founded in 2016 as an Airbus spin-off with the ambition of providing shipowners with necessary green propulsion resources, AIRSEAS has developed Seawing: an automated kite based on parafoil technology used to tow commercial ships. Using the greenest energy on earth - wind - Seawing is providing the shipping industry with a much-needed solution for its high costs and environmental impact. It operates as an auxiliary to the ship’s engines allowing an average of 20% fuel savings and related GHG emissions. Through key technologies such as dynamic flight and digital twin, Seawing is powerful and allows full automation of the propulsion system: a simple on/off switch operates the system.


Avel Marine

Inside Alveole 12

Avel Marine is an association which will launch low-carbon local freight transport, by combining local river-sea exchanges, regardless of the size of the ports considered, and land collection / distribution in the hinterland of ports. A first experiment is planned on the Rance Maritime and another is being prepared on the Breton canals. A first boat, 19m10 long, is being decarbonized: auxiliary sails, electric propulsion, green electricity. Avel Marine is currently targeting non-perishable local products: canned food, drinks, clothing, cleaning products, etc.

AYRO - Photo 2


Inside Alveole 12

AYRO is a French company which designs and manufactures Oceanwings: a wind-assisted propulsion system. It is an automated wingsail for the hybrid propulsion of ships. It is safe, simple and automated so that it does not require skills traditionally needed to sail. Oceanwings reduce fuel consumption up to 45% and C02 emissions as much, enabling shipowners to improve their cost competitiveness and to comply with the coming environmental legislation. As part of the design of the wingsails and to support its customers on their projects, AYRO carries out engineering studies and is also able to provide its customers with aftersale maintenance and data support via routing system and control software.

Le SeaKite (2)

Beyond the Sea

Inside Alveole 12

Created by Yves Parlier, Beyond the Sea® is a French company specialized in traction by kite. Our goal is to reduce maritime transport’s impact on our planet. For that, we developed the SeaKite®, a complete kite traction system, intended to merchant navy and oceans yachts. It is made up of a kite (50, 100 and 200sqm), a launching mast, a traction plate and an autopilot called the KiteBox (winches and pilot). It offers a better autonomy and real fuel savings (30 to 50% for merchant navy). We are working to develop wings of 600 to 1600sqm. By 2030, a goal fixed by the IMO is reduction of CO2 emissions by 40% for maritime transport. SeaKite® is a solution to reach this goal.


Blue Schooner Company

Outside, Quai des Frégates (face to Alvéole 12)

The Blue Schooner Company is a French company dedicated to shipping cargo for importers and brokers across the globe using only the power of wind. They also distribute their own products through the company Les Comptoirs de Misaine. They transport and sell products well-known for their quality, produced locally, ethically and ecologically with a complete transparency on the origin and delivery. Whether it is coffee, cocoa, nutmegs and raw materials for the manufacture of cosmetics, we will ship them using only wind power. Since 2017, Blue Schooner has devoted a countless amount of time and resources chasing a dream an environmentally friendly means of transport.



Inside Alveole 12

CWS proposes an innovative wind propulsion system for the maritime sector. Our patented system, based on a rigid, inversible, asymmetric profile provides regular propulsion even on fast ships with limited drift effects ;operation is automatic and maintenance minimum. Our wing reduces the ship’s fuel consumption by helping the main engine and can be deployed both on existing fleet (retrofit) and on newbuild ships (direct integration). CWS can provide integration, fuel savings and EEDI analysis according to best practices.


Chantiers de l'Atlantique

Inside Alveole 12

Located on the Atlantic coast of France, Chantiers de l’Atlantique is an engineering and construction company for complex maritime work (cruise ships, naval vessel, electrical substations for offshore wind farms etc.) and services to civilian and naval fleets. Chantiers de l’Atlantique is renowned worldwide for its engineering strength on its whole markets, for its constantly evolving industrial facilities but also for its innovation capabilities and excellence.


Crain Technologies

Inside Alveole 12

CRAIN is a consultancy, located in La Rochelle, dedicated to energy transition. With a strong background in naval architecture and fluid mechanics, CRAIN has perfected a wind propulsion system based on the suction wing concept, dedicated to cargo ships.This system is a thick solid wing, fitted with a rear flap and including a fan system which can suck and accelerate the air arround the wing section (boundary layer suction). This arrangement leads to outstanding aerodynamic characteristics.The suction wing is escpecially suited to large cargo ships, it is built using standard sheet metalwork methods and is totally automated.

Fichier 10300-

D-Ice engineering

Inside Alveole 12

D-ICE is a deeptech company offering software solutions and embedded systems to help the maritime sector meet the challenges of its energy transition. D-ICE Engineering articulates its offer around the following 4 products/services

  • OCEANiCS, new generation onboard navigation & control system
    • BLADiCS, controller overlay for the optimisation of the control (production and stabilisation) of floating wind turbines
  • SATORI, online statistical routing study service
  • Marine engineering, validation studies of the operational capacities of offshore supports (CTV, offshore service vessels, etc)


Inside Alveole 12

Farwind Energy designs, manufactures and operates « tidal turbines - sailing ships », which is the first technology allowing to capture far offshore wind energy. These vessels are propelled by Flettner rotors. Their kinetic energy is then converted into electricity by hydrogenerators located under the hull. The electricity is then stored in batteries (e-Farwind solution), in tanks in the form of hydrogen obtained by water electrolysis (Farwind-H2 solution) or methanol (Farwind-efuel solution). This technology has three other major advantages: no conflict of use; low geopolitical risks;thanks to routing software, load factors of up to 80%.

FL logo copie

François Lucas

Inside Alveole 12

François LUCAS, has worked in Nantes for over 30 years. From blue water cruising to offshore racing, including workboats, powerboats and refits, he has extensive experience in designing everything that sails. He has designed several racing yachts (mini650, Class950, Class40), and is one of the specialists in blue water cruisers. His design are always powerful, fast, stable and well balanced. He designed many motorboats: cabin cruisers, fast intervention RIBs and many multipurpose vessels for aluminium yards. He designed the SEAFRET 35, a sailing cargo ship for inter-island freight in the Caribbean, for SEAFRET Caraïbes Co.

2020 - Grain de Sail - LOGO Pantone rouge

Grain de Sail

Outside Alveole 12

The adventure Grain de sail was born in 2010 with our feet in the water in Morlaix, Brittany and a bold idea to go to the other side of the world in the most eco-friendly way to pick up chocolate and coffee with our own unique transportation method: the cargo sailboat! Coffee, chocolate, and wines in NYC…we are consistently committed to offering products that taste amazing. Our daily ambition is to provide quality organic products that are delicious and tasty and selected in accordance with sustainable practices. Grain de Sail brings together committed and passionate men and women who aspire to build a company that has a true sense of PURPOSE, where each one of us contributes and makes a difference! A maritime, human and environmental adventure!

logo clean 600x600


Outside Alvéole 12

Iliens' goal is to establish carbon-free maritime transport by creating the first regular maritime link by sailboat between Quiberon and Belle-Ile-en-Mer in one and a half hours. It helps to reduce transport carbon emissions – which make up 30% of global emissions - in a user-friendly and fun way. The link between Quiberon and Belle-Ile-en-Mer is currently used by more than 900,000 passengers per year. Our ship is designed to ensure an enjoyable journey: efficient, comfortable and quiet. Designed by a French company, it is a catamaran with a capacity of 50 passengers.

Logo MerConcept_Bleu (1)

Mer Concept

Inside Alveole 12

Created in 2006 by François Gabart, MerConcept supports the creation and development of sporting and innovative projects. With 12 years of experience, we are specialize in engineering, technical studies and boat building. Based in southern Brittany, this structure allows the team to establish themselves in the beating heart of a really dynamic cutting edge marine economy… Resolutely focused on innovation and excellence, the men and women who work within the company are driven by the same desire: to imagine and develop innovative concepts and to create bridges to the maritime world. In July, MerConcept’s commitments take a turn: it becomes a purpose-driven company, namely a company committed to creative and sustainable ocean racing, whose striking innovations are benchmarks for the entire maritime world.



Inside Alveole 12

NEOLINE provides an innovative and unique solution, open to all shippers, which allows to reduce by 90% the CO2 emissions linked to the maritime transport of goods on a transatlantic line compared to a conventional ship of the same size. NEOLINE's sustainable shipping service relies on clean and renewable wind energy as the main propulsion for its 136m cargo ships equipped with 4200 m2 of sails. The pilot line, from Saint Nazaire - Montoir de Bretagne, will serve the ports of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Halifax and Baltimore with 1 then 2 ships in rotation to meet the needs of shippers. NEOLINE was joined in 2020 by the Sogestran group and counts among its first customers major industrial companies such as Renault Group, Beneteau Group, Manitou Group, Jas Hennessy & Co, Michelin Group and Clarins.

nouvelle photo


Outside Alvéole 12

SEAWITLAB develops a new process for manufacturing 3D textiles with variable geometry. Our patented concept required the development of a totally innovative technology during the year 2020. Having wished to focus on the maritime field, we have produced a few units of flexible inflatable wings with a controlled aerodynamic profile over the entire surface in order to validate our concept. Our technology being extrapolable to all dimensions, we are now considering its application to the propulsion of commercial ships to reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport.



Outside Alveole 12

Skravik is a simple idea, that of designing a working sailing vessel that is both efficient and capable of performing many operations at sea. The Skravik ship aims at achieving 3 objectives:

  • reduce the environmental footprint of maritime professional sectors (small-scale fishing, oceanography, freight transport) by reducing the consumption of fossil fuel energy, in the design and the use of the boat
  • upgrading the profession of seafarer, by involving them in a cooperative manner in management and by rethinking the balance between time on board and involvement on land
  • boost interactions between local actors around a strong territorial anchoring by promoting short exchange channels and by co-constructing the project with as many representatives of the network as possible
TOWT Voilier cargo_


Inside Alveole 12

Founded in 2011, TOWT – Transport à la voile is the first French carrier of goods by sail. With headquarters in Douarnenez and operational offices in Le Havre, the company has already shipped more than 1000 tons of products, saved 1500 tons of C02 by chartering 19 existing sailing vessels. TOWT is also the owner of the ANEMOS label, ensuring decarbonized sail shipping of goods. Today, TOWT goes industrial by launching, as soon as this year, the construction of four 78 meters long sailing cargo ships, with a capacity of over 1000 tons each, and able to carry 12 passengers. The company thus multiplies by 30 its shipping capacity and divides its freight rates by 10, while maintaining a decarbonation rate of over 90%. 30 companies such as groupe Cémoi, Belco, Longueteau, Ethic Drinks or Maison Drappier have already chosen TOWT and its ships to carry several dozens of thousands of their products from 2023 onwards.


Terre Exotique

Outside Alveole 12

The spice and coffee producer Terre Exotique aims to significantly reduce its energy footprint by using a more virtuous mode of transport. To go further in their eco-responsible approach, the founders acquired a monohull: an 18 meter long IMOCA yaucht. This acquisition has both given a second life to a retired racing boat formerly used by sailor Sébastien Destremau in his races, and contributes to providing fast, low impact transportation with a low carbon footprint.

WISAMO_vraquier & voilier


Inside Alveole 12

WISAMO is an initiative from Michelin Group and aims to contribute to maritime transport decarbonization. WISAMO introduces an innovative hybrid solution which harnesses free and universal wind energy. This solution is an inflated, foldable and automated wing sail allowing to cut shipping costs and CO² emissions. Simple, robust and economical, WISAMO wing is particularly efficient in upwind conditions. “Engineered by Michelin, Powered by Wind”, WISAMO accompanies its customers from the beforehand phase to study implementation feasibility on new vessels as well as on existing ones. WISAMO aims to help humans to conquer new frontiers for the planet, with a sustainable growth approach aiming to contribute to a green supply chain.

Alizés - Canopée 2

Zéphyr et Borée

Inside Alveole 12

Zéphyr & Borée is a low-carbon shipping company. Based in Nantes and Lorient, the company designs sailing cargo-ships to reduce the carbon footprint of international transport.In partnership with Jifmar, Zéphyr & Borée is currently building the Canopée, a 121-meter sailing cargo ship equipped with 4 wing sails, designed for transporting the Ariane 6 launcher. Zéphyr & Borée is continuing to develop other cargo ships, focusing on sailing as well as biofuels and synthetic fuels to move towards zero-emissions maritime transport.